Film Updates!


We have some exciting updates to share. First, we are still on schedule to begin editing on May 1st. We'll keep you posted if that changes!

Secondly, we’re excited to introduce our newest diarist Jaz. Not only does Jaz dedicate much of her time to keeping the children of Educated Little Monsters (ELM) Youth Group involved in the arts as a way to keep them off of the streets and out of trouble, she is a major advocate against Gentrification in Bushwick. She was kind enough to share her story with us and we look forward to sharing the interview with you when the film is complete.


Last but not least, Alex Feld who is a local photographer and Bushwick Diarist, has been in the field taking photographs of Backers who selected the “photo shoot” perk. We had our first photo shoot two weeks ago with backer Sylvia Lewis who is the Founder and CEO of Narrative Network!

That’s it for now, we’ll keep the updates coming. If you’d like to stay closer to the film you can follow us on instagramfacebook or twitter. We’re sharing things every day!

Until Next Time….

With love and gratitude as always, 
Kweighbaye & The Bushwick Diaries Team

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